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Google Support

Help & Support for Google

Installing or updating certain types of software may cause unintended changes to your browser settings. For an example, various programs may add extensions/toolbars or change your default Homepage or search engine. Get instant access to your desired Homepage or search engine, everytime you open your browser. We as a tech support provider are available remotely to provide instant help & support for setting up your Homepage.

Usres prefer keeping Google as their homepage for browsers. Goolge is one of the best seach engine on the internet. Its not just the best search which it provides but many more things which are free from Google. Some of the most wide used Google products are :

  • Google Plus : For Social networking and Photo sharing.
  • Google Drives : For Sharing online documents.
  • Gmail : It is one of the best email services.
  • Google Maps : Find your ways to home and location you want.
  • Google Play : Play games online.
  • Youtube : Search and find videos you want to see.
  • Google News : Read the latest news.
  • Google Translater : Translate to what launguage you want.
  • Google Hangout : One stop to get connected with your friends.
  • And many More……

Google is website which can keep you busy whole day. If you face any problem with any of the Google product you can Contact Google Technical Support of Support-Help to get the best support. Google Technical Support of Support-help are well trained for support with all the google products.

Our support services are available for :

  • Your web browser's home page unexpectedly changes
  • Setup your desired Homepage in your browser
  • Clear unwanted programs, extensions or toolbars that are causing your Homepage to change
  • Customize browser settings as per your needs and requirements
  • Various other problems while setting up Homepage.

Google also provide their browser which is considerd to be very fast. Google Chrome is fast and multi tab browser. Installing or updating certain types of software may cause unintended changes to your browser settings.

There are unlimited questions related to these products that we look to get answers for. Unfortunately it's always unavailable. Not any more, the highly certified and experienced tech experts with Support-Help allow you to access into the world of unlimited answers to the technology which brings the high quality of professional work. Contact Adobe Techical Support of Support-Help.

The following list may help you fix or diagnose the problem.
1. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache and cookies and re-starting it?
2. Have you tried performing the task in another supported browser or on another computer to see if it behaves the same?
3. Have you tried both the Standard, and Basic-html (http://mail.google.com/mail?ui=html) versions of Gmail to see if anything changes?
4. Have you tried disabling any labs features you are using? You can do this for all of them at once by using: https://mail.google.com/mail/?labs=0
5. Have you tried disabling any browser extensions or add-ons? Have you tried running in Safe Mode (Firefox) or using an incognito window (Chrome)?
6. Have you tried temporarily disabling your anti-virus scanner to see if the behavior changes? It’s critical you also try disabling any internet or e-mail related extensions/add-ons it has
7. Have you tried disabling any other monitoring or internet protection programs (like Net-Nanny) which could be blocking Gmail?If even after following these steps your issue is not resolved, Contact Goolge Support of Support-help to get it resolved @ 1-800 345 2309

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